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Through the DPC model and the latest technology, Dr. Dalley will be able to provide better access and restore the traditional doctor-patient bond for his patients.

Reforging the Patient Relationship

See a doctor who knows you  – your history, your lifestyle, your questions and concerns. Reach your doctor with a text or call from anywhere when you need to.

Tech that works for You

A practice that uses technology wisely and gives you better access that best fits your schedule. Lab results, past and present ailments and prescription history at your fingertips.

Bypass the Insurance Traffic Jam

Always be able to connect with your health care team without the endless paperwork, insurance restrictions and wait times.  Bond with your physician and his care team as a health care plan is designed and carried out to meet your needs, and not someone else’s.


No long-term contract
Straightforward pricing


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What is evidenced-based Medicine?
What is an annual exam?

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